Monday, March 27, 2006

Today's Quote

"I have never, and will never, prevaricate on my basic belief that uMsholozi is the victim of satanic forces ranged against him."

It could only be Jon Qwelane. Link.

Look, assuming that Zuma, or any defendant, is guilty before found so by a court is stupid. Attitudes, like those of COSATU, are way out of line.

But saying that you'll never change your mind is also stupid. Saying that he can't possibly be guilty, based solely on his record as a political activist, is patently stupid.

Both groups of screaming protestors outside the High Court are stupid. What are the groups asking for, exactly? The release of Zuma, and the total abandonment of the case against him, based entirely on his popularity? His immediate conviction without a chance for him to defend himself in court? What?

I wonder if the High Court will be blasted as a "satanic force" if JZ is found guilty. I wonder if the rights of women in society will be collectively burned on the altar if JZ is found not guilty.

I doubt it.

Some folks are blowing this case up into something it isn't.


Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

Good GOD.

I really used to be quite fond of Jon Qwelane.

His column reads like the ravings of an insane person now.

Poor Jon.Better commit him right away, as I doubt he'll ever recover.

3:44 PM  

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