Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I knew the bastards would use this...

Those loving Christian-types have used the tragic murder of Jandre Botha to demonize the marriage equality movement. Link.

Jandre Botha lived with his mother and her lesbian partner. The partner, who is obviously twisted and sick beyond words, beat him to death, apparently because he wouldn't call her "daddy". Link.

Both the partner and the mother have been charged with murder - the mother because she didn't act to protect her child from her insane lover.

The "Christian Civic League of Maine", in the US, responded to this tragic course of events by lauding it as proof of their insane religious ranting about the sinfulness of being gay.

This isn't just a crime against fundamental logic. Never mind that they are ignoring the fact that the two women weren't even married, and that South Africa doesn't even provide marriage licenses to gay couples yet...

They are comparing all gay people to that sick freak who murdered Jandre Botha.

So now I'm not just going to hell for being sexually abnormal, chronically depressed, diseased, more likely to get AIDS and incapable of love. I'm also a child murderer.

If the Christian fantasy were true, I'd rather spend eternity in hell with at least a few good people than eternity in "heaven" with those spineless, morally bankrupt dredges of humanity that call themselves "Christian".

Disclaimer: Not all Christians are asshole, but the ones who aren't never open their fucking mouths against that ones who are.


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